the cloud under your (version) control.

Sync your files in your cloud.

As easy as drag 'n drop...


download the app
choose your platform
and start using it

Your cloud and no more quotas (unless you want them).

You are in control of your Cloud. Because BBox is based on Subversion technology, so you install the server, you choose the settings. You choose whether to encrypt the main storage hard drive or not. If using a Secure protocol like HTTPS or not.

Just work(s)

What if your files are shared to your team, seamlessly?

BBox leaves you alone. It hardly bothers you with notifications. It lets you work and, transparently to you, it just shares your folders and documents.
This happens through your server, under your terms, your rules, and group permissions you can decide.

  1. Setup a shared folder
  2. Start sharing...
  3. I'm sorry there's no three here...

Oh snap!

Wrong modification on file, am I lost?

Nope, you're not. BBox supports revision, fully. So you can always come back to a specific revision of the file, without losing anything, anytime.

sad face
Hey I have this beautiful idea on how to improve BBox...

Guess what? It's on github, fork it and give it back to the open source community.